Maryland Walmart Locations

UPDATE: Gov. Larry Hogan allowed stores, salons and houses of worship to open up with social distancing requirements starting May 15th, 2020. The city of Baltimore and several surrounding counties opted out and remain closed, while other areas chose to participate only in part. With things getting back to normal, all WalMart stores, including 24 hour stores, are back to normal operating hours. You may want to call ahead to see if a mask is suggested or required.

In 2020, there are 48 WalMart Stores in Maryland. All locations are listed below.

No new WalMart stores opened or established WalMart stores closed in 2019 in the state of Maryland.

Store #: 2560

Opened: 5/19/1999

Store #: 1893

Opened: 9/28/1993

Store #: 2799

Opened: 10/25/2000

Store #: 5228

Opened: 1/28/2004

Store #: 3843

Opened: 10/26/2012

Store #: 1715

Opened: 11/5/1991

Store #: 2853

Opened: 1/24/2001

Store #: 1985

Opened: 9/27/1994

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